My journey of Love, 

I was once asked a simple question, “what do you believe in? Are you religious, spiritual or…?” A tad taken aback by this question I stumbled over my words, I then replied:

“I know it’s sounds corny but I believe in Love, it is the natural substance of our existence.”

Now, just over 13 months later, I have been reunited with whom I believe is my twin flame, overcome and healed from a major head injury and am constantly obtaining inner peace.  Not only am I a believer but I am living confirmation to my own belief that only Love is real.

I believe all other human emotions are simply manifestations of our conditioning, the breeding of our ego, brought to life by fear mongering and victimisation.

Love is the solution. We all need to eradicate this sense of self loathing that ricochets from comparing ourselves to the next person, to be at peace and be able to Love. Extinguish expectations and relationships that starve us of unconditional love yet are familiarly comforting, they all begin to alter us in time.

I myself have remained in relationships that were clearly unhealthy for me, it wasn’t until I could see who they  had become, could I see who I had become. These relationships simply reassure us that we do not deserve real love and that we will never receive the true bounty of love.

I was a slave to the robotic auto drive which had been inflicted into my behavioural system by the life I had led, until I was so unhappy I started to look within. What can I change? The only conclusion I eventually had to face was that I am attracting this, I am attracting that of which lingers deep within.

From that moment onwards I dedicated myself to LOVE in every manner. I began a life of compassion.It’s never too late to start today, begin to live he life you truly wish for. Begin to be your own fantasy!

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Monday mantra

Good morning and happy Monday to you! 

I do love the beginning of a fresh week, a fresh opportunity to achieve and succeed! I like to start my week with a Mantra to set the tone for  the week ahead. 

I start by creating  a peaceful space and I repeat this three times, each one in a set of three. 

‘I have all that I need to make this a great day of my life.’

Repeat it until you feel it in your core, today is going to be a great day!


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Weeding out the crop

We can be defined by our company, so it is crucial to keep like minded people close by. I have kept people close to me that were not like minded however nice enough, yet, “nice” isn’t enough. 

The most successful rout I have discovered to ensuring my circle is healthy for me and a direct reflection of myself is to do nothing at all other then be myself. I do not entertain others however neither confront them, for people cannot bare in mind what they do not see as inappropriate behaviour. 

To manifest the morals I believe in, I literally live by them, two different frequencies do not share the same path. Not to say one is better than the other, but one is better for me and my physical and mental health. 

Your personal development and spiritual wellbeing is at stake when you surround yourself with others who are unhealthy for you. 

It’s for us as individuals and a collective mass to see this and act on this how we see fit. 

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Self Worth

Nobody decides your worth other than you.

When I say that, I mean more than just acknowledging what you deserve in your mind. I’m speaking solely of acting upon it. Setting that boundary and not allowing others to cross it.

We have to deliver that expectation to ourselves first, people will only treat us how we allow them too. The way others see us treat ourselves or the treatment others see we allow, the  behaviour we accept is how others naturally gauge our limits, our role within this man made illusion that we call “reality.”

This universe would not exist if wasn’t for you, do you not see that you have set the laws of love and life, it is not enough to sit back and declare what is ok and what isn’t, be the good and forget the bad. Never pay mind to that of which frustrates you or brings you pain, and it will not pay mind to you.

Instead focus on the beauty of others, be grateful for the kind souls you have encountered. Why focus at all on how we do not wish to be treated. Is it maybe because we run our lives by the same laws? & Why? Because we are under the pretence it is the only way to survive in such a “cruel” world.

This world is not cruel, men and women have seen opportunities, clouded with greed they have taken them at the cost of others. Do not add to that side of the scale.

So I will say it once again, only you decide your worth, not just with your words but more so with your actions.

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Modern day slavery

The only real sense of slavery are the limits that we accept, especially the limits set through governmental or societal structures. 

Why does the history of our ancestors being enslaved by mans greed further enslaves us, be it by gender, “race” or our geographical placing in this world. Shackles or cuffs are merely made of iron or steel while we are made of the same substance  that forms the stars above us.

Governmental dictation and human greed have created a societal pecking order in our social climate, dictating where people belong and what they can or can’t achieve. 

I say, do not pay mind to a restriction set upon you by others, limits are nonsense. The only limits that truly exist are those that we condemn ourselves to.

If there is something you want to do, then by jove do it! The only way to become good at something is through practice, after all your frequency has attracted it into your existence for a reason. Always remember life is not a competition. 

You do not have to be better than others to enjoy something, and you do not look like a fool if you haven’t completely mastered something at first glance or go.

Do not feed the cycle of modern day slavery by restricting yourself to the thoughts and expectations of others!

Stay true to yourself when in the face of any obstacle, you are a child of the sun, a child of god; do let another enslave you!

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Monday Mantra

Good morning and happy Easter Monday, today celebrates new life and with that today’s mantra  focuses on opportunies and creating the life you want. 

Create a quite space, a spot of peace within and repeat this three times in sets of three,

“I am the divine spirit and I attract all that is right for me.” 

Feel it within, the divine energy  that is your source is leading to what’s right for you and your journey. 

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Just how fortunate are we to have “democracy” in our lands?

I find it ironic when I hear individuals based in the western world preach of democracy and how unfortunate the eastern hemisphere is for their lack of it. 

I wish to raise the question how much democracy do we believe we have in our country. I believe we have very little in the UK. Yes we vote and all that however it is quite apparent we do not have much say of the general law, everything is done to suite those that benefit the country financially and only for few individuals. Today’s system fortunes those that feed the concept of greed and hierarchy. 

So look beyond that of which we are led to believe and look at the facts. Don’t be distracted by the fickle situations that are mere accumulations of mans greed and see just how little of a say we have in the development of our own country. Furthermore look at our own actions and beliefs to see the system that they feed.

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The Priority of Comfort 

We must place our comfort levels as a priority, in all aspects of love and life.

I must love myself enough to enable me to be 100% at comfort in all situations otherwise I may find  I am unable to dedicate 100% of myself to the task at hand and come across in a manner that is not true to who I am.

In holistic and spiritual healing the first thing to be examined is our posture as laziness causes our body much discomfort, such as slouching for instance, if the body is coping with discomfort it may be to preoccupied shifting pressure from one joint to another to relieve pain, therefor not allowing the body to purely focus on its general running.

This can be looked at from many different angles from shoes to social environments that make me feel uneasy, my mind will be so consumed by the situation it will not notice possible opportunities that I may have attracted.

We need to prioritise our comfort levels throughout life to ensure that we can read our bodies tell tale signs of when something is wrong with it and likewise with our mind.

We confirm with the universe what holds importance with our everyday actions so start prioritising your comfort today.

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Monday Mantra

Another week has arrived and I feel absolutely positive and ready to to achieve what the week ahead offers.

Find or create a quite space and repeat this in sets of three, three times.

“Only the present moment exists, everything else is a state of worry or anticipation. I choose to live in the now and receive all that is available to me in this present moment.”

It’s easy to become lost in the past or the future yet there is no life in either of those mental concepts, just release the pressure and feel content knowing we only have the now.

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The thin line between people who are  “harmless” and those that “means no harm.”

When describing an acquaintance or friend have you ever found yourself stumbling over your words and ended up describing them as “harmless” or, maybe  even “oh they mean no harm?”

If so I believe it is time to reevaluate those of which you invest your energy and time into.

Firstly I will help differentiate between the two, a person who is considered harmless, has no bad intention and is considered “safe.” In full, they mean no harm and cause no harm.

Those that do not mean harm still hold no bad intention however cause pain or awkward feelings in some social situations, if not all.

Now this term “means no harm” is a paradox as “harm” can still be caused, however,  due to lack of its intention, we feel we have a natural obligation to honour and forgive or overlook this attribution of their personality, all due to the nature in which it has taken place.

I need to stray away from this for a moment and remind everybody that we are not obliged to be anybody’s friend, acquaintance or in some cases their only friend or companion. It is paramount too show yourself enough respect to attract other like minded individuals as yourself. You become the company you keep, so be wise and pick friends as one would pick their fruit.

Ask yourself what their intention was, or at least how did it seem. Your first step would be to bring it too their attention and it should end there. However it doesn’t always work that easily, especially when communicating with those that do not conceive the notion of energy or hold any appreciation of their own actions. It is not our “God” given responsibility to keep these individuals in our close proximity, no matter how far and few the time we spend with them is, the fact is, it may lead to uncomfortable situations and you will only have yourself to blame .

Not everybody is willing to learn or progress in the journey of life, not everybody views it as a journey. It would do good to remember that others do not like to hear what they can change to be a “better” person as it would mean that their current state is not “perfection.”

Lets allow ourselves the luxury of choosing our company wisely and banish the sense of guilt or responsibility that could possibly keep us in close contact to those that are detrimental to our own mental state.

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